TOOL ALFA is an independent consulting firm that has been in business for more than two decades. Our team includes transport planners, economists, engineers, architects, sociologists, surveyors, etc. Each has a solid academic background which includes consulting, teaching and management.

TOOL ALFA´S line of business is consulting in the field of market research, management, economics and planning with special emphasis on mobility, accessibility, transportation, traffic and related areas (such as infrastructure design, tourism development and environmental issues).


TOOL ALFA Europe: was founded in 1997 under the corporate name of Tool Ulee. From its headquarter in Madrid the company focuses its efforts towards the European Union, coordinating the activities and giving occasional support to its subsidiaries.

Santiago de Chile

TOOL ALFA Latin America: was incorporated in Santiago de Chile in 2011 to reinforce all previous activities developed in Latin America, with the aim of articulating all consultancy services within the continent.

New Delhi

TOOL ALFA India: was created in Delhi in 2011 in order to enhance consultancy services that gradually had been consolidating in India.

TOOL ALFA leads the consortium formed with Social Thermodynamics Applied Research and the tGIS research group of the Complutense University of Madrid to develop the project ” RTC-2017-6376-4 “HIPROMO. Intelligent Mobility Prognosis Tool “, within the call “Retos-Colaboración 2017” (Challenges-Collaboration 2017) funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, the State Research Agency and the European Regional Development Fund FEDER, in order to promote technological development, innovation and quality research.

Announcement in accordance with the provisions of article 7.2 of Order ECC / 1780/2013 and article 31 of the call “Retos-Colaboración 2017”.