TOOL ALFA has been developing a diverse typology of projects ranging from brief reports issued in a few days to extensive works with large budgets.

The work performed by TOOL ALFA to date covers many countries around the globe:

  • Spain and the rest of Europe (Portugal, Romania, Poland, Moldavia, etc.).
  • Latin America (Chile, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.).
  • India and Asia (China, Vietnam, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

We have been in charge of some singular projects with great impact, such as an ambitious transportation price study in Spain that included mailing and telephone support to 80,000 freight transport companies, a diagnosis of bicycle rental systems in 12 cities of Castilla y León (Spain), the modeling of Delhi´s traffic in India, which included the design and operation of 100,000 surveys and hundreds of hours of traffic counts, etc.


Demand and feasibility studies

The company’s high level of specialization in demand forecast, allows it to have hundreds of references of studies on parking, highways, terminals and urban transport systems, both in Spain and abroad.

Our successful record in this field is mainly due to the combination of a thorough knowledge of the sector and a very specific approach in each case, with fine-tuned on-site data collection. Besides having developed quite accurate methodologies, we are flexible to solve any out-of-ordinary problems that may arise. The fieldwork carried out by our own staff is usually the common basis of all assignments.

Supply management

The design of infrastructure supply and, above all, transport services requires a deep knowledge of many aspects. One of the most important is the understanding of the needs and perceptions of the demand, which is the basis for foreseeing its possible reactions to changes. On the other hand, the productive structures and their repercussions on the costs establish important restrictions that condition the final design.

One of the greatest difficulties to optimize supply is the network structure, which makes it necessary to use algorithms that fit supply flows to the geographic structure of the demand. Added to this is the typical problems of the tips (peaks) that require very different sizing for each time of the day, week and year.


Tenders and Due Diligence analysis

These kinds of projects require a deep involvement and a high reliability of results. TOOL ALFA has been involved in bid preparation and due diligence of third party´s studies included in bids selected in public tenders in areas such as the following ones:

  • Toll and shadow toll motorways.
  • Transportation terminals.
  • Urban transport services.
  • Car parks.

This has provided the company with a deep knowledge of the processes and technical issues involved in public tenders and has created noteworthy skills in auditing the studies conducted by third parties. TOOL ALFA has a long list of references of due diligence audits of car park, toll motorway and shadow toll motorway demand forecast studies.


Sustainable mobility

TOOL ALFA  has pioneered sustainable mobility projects such as the following ones:

Reduction of private vehicle use in areas with high concentration of jobs.

  • Promotion of bicycle as a sustainable transportation mode.
  • mplementation of tram or light rail systems.
  • Design of comprehensive mobility plans.

One of the company’s greatest advantages is that, due to its broad experience and its command of the latest methodologies, it can combine large data collections (statistics, surveys, etc.) with social participation systems tested several times over.

Traffic analysis

TOOL ALFA has been engaged in many traffic analysis, which cover from simple capacity assessment of short road sections, to complete studies oriented towards an overall redesign in order to improve layout and road safety. For these works, TOOL ALFA has traffic counters, high resolution cameras for plate recording, macro and micro simulation software, etc.