TOOL ALFA was formerly know as  TOOL ULEE. Undergoing a process of growth and diversification, the new image reflects that the former specialization is kept, while adopting new activities and capabilities:

  • Traditional studies on transport and traffic are complemented by market analysis and sustainable mobility.

  • Keeping its position in Europe, new activities in Latin America and Asia have been launched.

This growth is possible thanks to the addition of new professionals that reinforce the former team, thereby increasing the disciplines involved and the possibility of synergies. All of TOOL ALFA staff has support for continued professional development. This includes taking additional courses, training programmers, certifications, workshops and so on. A strict ethical code of conduct is signed and adhered by all of the firm’s professionals.

TOOL ALFA‘S competitive advantage is based on a careful positioning gained over a wide range of capabilities devoted to a properly defined sector. This differentiates the company greatly when compared either to big conglomerates that lack specialization or to small groups of professionals that lack structure.

The strengths described above lead to a high value-added business, which is result-oriented and provides high quality outputs, even within strict deadlines and budget. Conclusions are always based on measurable evidence, backed by prior experience and benchmarking. In all our business relationships our client interest comes first. We always provide honest and reliable advice even if it is in conflict with our short term interest. In this way, we have been able to build very loyal and sustainable business relationships over the years.